THE LIGHT SHINES IN THE DARKNESS AND THE DARKNESS DOES NOT OVERCOME IT (JOHN 1.5) To free captives from prison and to release from the dungeon those who sit in darkness. (Isaiah 42.7)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

christmas outreach

In just a few weeks we will be taking to the streets of city 1 and 2 with thousands of gifts to give out to the girls and the bosses and the pimps.  We ask for you to support this outreach with prayer.
We need wisdom to know the right gifts to buy that will touch hearts with Gods love and care.  We need to pray for the logistics of transportation, the teams themselves and the areas we need to cover.  We need to put together a tract especially for these people that will really help them to understand the gospel message please pray for annointing on that.

The Christmas outreach is an amazing opportunity to get us "known" in the areas, to be people of love and compassion.  Please pray for us that this will be our most memorable year to date with not only the gifts being given out, but the chance to bring the love of God into the darkest places, places where the demonic forces that control those areas, never believed that Gods people would come.

The warehouse of women

In city 2 the team felt to go into an area that a local church had contacted us about.  One of the team had an unction from the Holy Spirit to buy many apples.  Armed with the apples and faith they encircled an area that seemed to be a large warehouse.  There was an imposing metal door being guarded from the outside.  One of the team boldly approached the door(Isaiah45.2)

She told the guards who we represented and that we had apples to deliver to the girls inside.  One of the men on the door smiled knowingly and said his wife was a Christian and he moved towards unlocking the door.  The name of Jesus had got the team inside.

It was hard to get the eyes adjusted to the darkness at first but it became obvious this was a warehouse of women.  The team gave out the apples with joy and prayed for more opportunity to minister in that place.  The girls where very young, and all the team had the feeling the girls where not free to leave.  They where able to pray there and the doorkeeper told them they could come back for the Christmas outreach.

Also in City 2 in the Fishtank area the team had a surprise waiting for them.  The Holy Spirit had told them to bring a bag of bibles that evening.  There where 2 high up mafia bosses waiting for them.  They had obviously heard about their frequent visits to the store and wanted to know who they where and what they wanted.  What they had prepared in faith became such a springboard of opportunity to minister to these men.  The men where obviously relieved when they saw the bibles that these women had no other agenda other than to talk about God.  This relaxed the atmosphere and the presence of God filled that place.  These men are very significant traffickers and pimps.  Please pray for their hearts to be open to the gospel and that God would supernaturally touch their lives in a powerful way.  These men have a network of brothels all over city 2, they traffic girls from all over and after a short induction period in fish tank area they are moved on to other places.  Pray for God to hit out this operation from the top with His Righteousness and that Mr Li and Mr Jay's hearts will be touched.  They received a bible from the team so lets hope Gods word will not return to Him empty but accomplish that for which he sent it. (Isaiah 55.11)

Finally also in city 2 in a real poor sad part of town, the team has found a place where women pitch tents at the side of the roads and use that for their business.  It may be a good area for the team to continue as at present it seems these girls are not controlled by any pimps, pray God will give more knowledge about this area too.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Come with us to walk the streets

Just so you can get the idea of the kind of places we are going into, you can watch this video NOT taken by our team.  If you look around the 4.00 mins time you will see sights very similar to what we see.  Just imagine these streets are dark when we are going there and the only light is from the pink lights inside.  The brothels always have the pink/purple light inside.  The guys sitting together outside are the pimps and brothel owners.
Please continue to pray for the teams as they go in, that they may reap a harvest.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Intercessory Report

City 2.. For those interceding for this city your prayers are being answered.  In one area of 15 brothels, 7 where raided by the police, who then smashed everything inside.  One of the brothel owners is wanting to stop the work and is on the verge of closing her brothel please pray for her to make that final step. She is Mrs Z.

In Jericho area, last week there where 17 brothels, this week 7 of them where closed.  The one store where we were teaching English, the boss did not want us to teach this week but because the girls had our number, they contacted us privately and told us they really want to meet us outside the brothel. That will be a wonderful opportunity to tell them about our ministry.

In Fish tank area, we are seeing the one store is the store for all the newly trafficked girls, they are all very afraid and controlled, the girls are only there a week or so and then moved on to other stores in the area, we need to find out more about this network.  This is Ali's brothel please continue to pray that we will have favour in the area and the spirit of suspicion will be broken.

The brothel owner guy in fish tank area that was healed in his childhood by a miracle, accepted a bible from the team last week.  Pray that the word will not return empty but accomplish that for which it was sent (Isaiah 55.11 So is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.)

A girl was murdered in a cheap hotel this week in fish tank area, This may be an opportunity to break the stronghold of money, we can ask the girls how much their life is worth and how much money is worth risking it for. 

In city 1

We where led to a whole new area where many underage girls are working.  We call it Yellow Hill area please begin to pray for us to build relationships with some of the bosses there, and we will see a harvest.

 In the Cloud area the police also arrested many of the young pimps, it enabled us to have a deep conversation with brother Z and pray for him on the street. 

Brother L was rescued from a violent mafia attack by the grace of God and together with us prayed for the area, that God would break the authority of the mafia in the area with the authority of the kingdom of God.

As the 3 of us where walking down a dark alley, I suddenly felt very alone, our feet picking our way through rubble and trash to reach a brothel at the end.  At that moment I turned around and had a vision, of hundreds of people in the dark alley with us, all praying and cheering us on.  It encouraged us so much that we are not alone, your prayers are so valued by our teams. Thank you for joining hearts in this kingdom work.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Little flower

It was the first time back out on the streets for Little flower since she had left the life a year before. We had prayed in the car for a long time, with worship music blaring out, we worshipped and praised God.  Little Flower lifted her voice and asked Jesus to fill her with His Spirit, and right there in the middle of the red light area God heard her prayer and filled her.  We all watched in wonder at the justice of God, that He would choose exactly the place where she had been defiled, to fill her with His Holiness and with His Joy.  She then lead the outreach time fearlessly into the dark alleyways of this red light area.  There where no streetlights and we moved along slowly and prayerfully.

  As our eyes adjusted to the darkness Little Flower said "look to the left" and there huddled together in a dark corner where 20 girls all under the age of 18, as the light from our phones caught them we saw the mocking glimmer from one of the girls wearing a princess crown.  "Oh Lord let them know that you truly value them as a princess, they are your kingdom daughters in captivity."  20 metres down on the left was another group, the boss merged in with the shadows and when she saw Little Flower came closer.  We prayed harder and the atmosphere was one of real spiritual warfare.  Little Flower said "That's my old boss." We where immediately concerned and asked her if she wanted to leave, but Little Flower feels called to go back and pray and tell the good news of the kingdom.  She is actually one of the few who does.  Most of the girls we rescue never want to think about that life again, but Little Flower is moved by Jesus heart for the lost and told us "I'm OK, I'm OK.  What a victory for the kingdom of God, only 1 year ago I was sitting in the dark alley, and now I'm walking here in the light of my Saviour bringing that light to those who still sit in the darkness."  She prayed for the bosses, the girls, the mafia in the area with such passion and insight, we wept as she prayed.  There where many more groups of girls huddled in the small streets.  We surveyed the rest of the area and left. 

Please pray for Little Flower, that God will protect her and help her to be victorious in her desire to reach those who still sit in darkness. 

Monday, October 31, 2011

psalm 34 vs 7

The street was busy as usual, girls we knew had no time to talk as they hurried from the restaurants to start work.  We went on undeterred and prayer walked, we read scripture, sang songs both songs we knew and spiritual songs.  We supplicated for the land Jeremiah 3.2.  The land having behind polluted by prostitution. 

The mafia boss that owned 2 brothels and was running other illegal businesses in the area, watched us, amused and puzzled by this band of western housewives wandering around with strange books in their hands.  He watched as they greeted him and continued around the block for about the 4th time that night.  He asked a question in his heart.  "Why are these women not afraid to come here?" just that simple question, then customers arrived and he became busy and forgot all about we had been there.

In the early hours of the morning around 4 am he finally went to sleep.  Sleep was often a problem for him, he was tormented with insomnia and slept often with one eye open in case of raids by the police or other mafia gangs, but that night was different he went to sleep quickly and soon began to dream.....

The next week he saw us coming from a distance and came out of his brothel to greet us and asked for an appointment with us.  We went to a local tea shop and sat drinking tea as he secured the place that no one was listening.  He told us about the question he had asked last week and he then told us about his dream...

"  I saw the 3 of you walking down the street with boldness then I saw walking behind you was a creature or man I don't know, he was head and shoulders taller that everyone else around and was very strong.  But the strange thing was he had wings and his wing span was so wide it touched either side of the street and the ends of his wings where around you 3, who and what is that?" he asked.

Being a man in the mafia he understood all about protection and wanted to know who this was that we had as our protector, with tears in my eyes I showed him Psalm 34 and told him about The Angel of the Lord, without anyone else knowing, God had answered the question in his heart of why we were not afraid and God had singlehandedly won this man with a personal revelation of His Glory.  He received the Lord right there in the tea shop and over the next few months we watched him slowly close one brothel and then the other and return to his home town to start a new life. 

I told him before he left that God had spoken to us through his dream and it would be something we would remember wherever we went in the future.  His dream became a springboard for future boldness to go into new areas and even darker passageways,  because of this confidence "The angel of the Lord encamps around those that fear him and delivers them"  Glory to God.